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Cage Terminal
Cage Terminal is developed to replace the expensive and big brass terminals. Its advantages are small size, low cost, simple assembly and easy fixing, so it is widely used in the electrical devices.
Material: Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass
Salt Spray Test: 48-72 hours
Finishing: Zinc plating(RoHs Compliance)
Application: Circuit Breaker, Energy Meter, DIN Rail meters
Mounting: be compatible with shunt type B/C, and current transformer busbar type
Energy Meter  ImaxScrew Steel Sheet    Thickness (mm)Width×Height (Unit: mm2) Torque (Nm) 
60-80AM51.57.5X9, 8X10≥2.5
100-120AM61.5/2.08X12, 8X12≥3

251 311 211 231 221 513