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Classification and correct wearing of masks

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 Correct wearing of mask

  1.  Choose the appropriate mask size. Children's choices.
  2.  Perform hand hygiene before putting on a mask.
  3.  The mask should fit snugly over the face.
  4.  The coloured side of the mask face outwards with the metallic strip uppermost. For those masks without a coloured side, the side with folds facing downwards on the  outside.
  5.  For tie-on surgical mask, secure upper tie at the crown of head. Then secure lower tie at the nape. For ear-loops type, position the elastic bands around both ears.
  6.  Mould the metallic strip over nose bridge.
  7.  Extend the mask to fully cover mouth, nose and chin
  8.  Avoid touching the mask after wearing. Otherwise, should perform hand hygiene before and after touching the mask.
  9.  Replace the mask immediately if it is damaged or soiled; and change it at least daily.
 10. Before taking off the mask, perform hand hygiene.
 11. While taking off the mask, avoid touching the outside of mask as it may be covered with germs.
 12. Do not reuse a mask. Dispose of the used mask in a lidded rubbish bin.
 13. Perform hand hygiene again.


  Classification of medical masks

Medical masks are generally divided into N95 medical masks, disposable surgical masks and ordinary disposable medical masks. They can be used in hospitals, clinics, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food processing, schools, health centers, processing industries, factories, public places and many other places.


       N95 medical masks                                                 Disposable Surgical mask                                        Disposable medical mask